Conferences and Seminars

The JPPF can fund attendance at a range of conferences and seminars. This includes all relevant IJS seminars.

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For more information on the activities funded, including dates, please email [email protected].  


Study tours

Study tours can be arranged with any New Zealand court or tribunal  – usually for up to a week’s duration. Participants need to create their own study tour programme in liaison with a member of the appropriate court/tribunal. An application should show how the study will benefit the applicant’s development and the country’s judiciary.



Mentoring is an ongoing process between a participant and a member of the New Zealand judiciary or other judicial officer.  It may build on or be part of a seminar and/or study tour experience. Funding would include travel for the participant to come to New Zealand to spend professional time with the mentor or for the mentor to travel to the applicant’s country. 

An application should provide information about the mentoring relationship, purpose and programme for a mentor visit and how it will benefit the applicant’s development and the country’s judiciary.


What does funding cover?

JPPF will cover:

  • All travel for the event, including international economy fares and any New Zealand domestic fares
  • Accommodation
  • Taxis to and from airports only
  • Visitor visa costs (business category visitor)
  • Conference fees (if applicable), and
  • Meals (by way of a set meal allowance).

Funding will only be provided for periods of official travel.  Any personal travel arrangements outside of these specified dates are at the applicant’s own expense.  Any other expenses incurred by the applicant outside those outlined above must be covered by the participant or their country’s administration.

The IJS will make all travel arrangements.

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